Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Pearl

I called my caseworker again this afternoon and left a message that I was checking in, because she had said we should hear something LAST week and because the doctor has been having some trouble getting through to me or M on our phones. You know, the excuses for calling to say, "Please, just tell me what the hell is going on and if we and our relatives are going to have to foot the entire bill for this baby! Just let me know now to put me out of my misery of anxiety!"

Just before taking in my second batch of 24-hour urine sample, I got a phone call back from the caseworker. She was very chipper, sounding almost like she was smiling. Oh, this is good, I thought. Then she said my case had just been opened today. My breath caught--what did this mean? I was going to have to wait another three weeks just to hear a decision? Bringing myself back to the phone call, I heard the caseworker say that it would take a couple of days for my information to arrive at the doctor's office. This one kind of stumped me, but I saw a little ray of sunshine. Just as I was going to ask what this meant, I heard, "And your card will be mailed to [my address]." Ooh, I almost squealed in excitement and relief!

Whew, what a load off my mind. Now we can schedule an ultrasound and figure out just WHEN in the month of March, this little sucker's most likely to make an appearance. I'm betting right around mid-March, and even as late as the spring equinox...right around when my Mammaw (and a great grandma, I believe) came into the world. (Throughout my pregnancy, my thoughts keep straying to Mammaw, more than they ever have before, and I feel like she's been with me throughout everything. Maybe because of that, I keep imagining our own little version of Myrtle Pearl running around.)

Incidentally, I did a Google Search for Myrtle Ahl, and out of hundreds of thousands of search results, the first one (and only one, as far as I could tell) one was actually about Mammaw. It is, of course, for a company that wants to make money, but the information there is accurate (I updated a bit, though it will only stay updated until mid-September. Title links to it.

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* Stringham low: a couple of not-so-great pregnancy side effects
* Stringham super-high: Medicaid = Peace of Mind!

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