Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seeds of Life

Just a few minutes ago, as M and I were talking in the kitchen, we heard a knock on the door. I went to the door to see the UPS man getting back in his van, having left a box on our doorstep. We wondered what the box could be, as we hadn't ordered anything recently. Seeing a sticker on the box that said it contained a gift box, we wondered who it could be from, discussing the usual list of "suspects" who are frequent users of the Internet or phone services to order special deliveries to us for special occasions (though what the occasion was, we weren't sure).

Inside was a gift box from Seeds of Life containing a pot, soil, an oak seed, and a card. The card read "In memory of one seed that will be are both in our thoughts" and gave the names of the sender(s). Oh, that's the occasion. I cried, both for the sentiment and for the blessing of having such a friend. A simple note summarized everything, and the gift was perfect. We choose to celebrate our anniversary every year by planting, so what better way to memorialize our first child (the grandfetus, as one of the grandparents referred to the baby while I was still pregnant) than to plant this oak tree in his or her honor? We are incredibly touched by the thoughtfulness, consideration, and spirit in which this gift was given.

To that friend (you know who you are), we want to say Thank You. No words can ever express how much this gift means to use or how grateful we are for your friendship. May you forever walk in the light of God's love.

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