Monday, September 28, 2009

You're the Reason God Made...Anesthesia

I just got back from my very own little 19-hour mini-vacation to the fabulous, luxurious St. Clare Crawfordsville! Yes, that's right, yours truly was hospitalized. My very first (other than birth) overnight hospital stay. I even fainted (another first!). This is just the quick version. I'll provide more details later, but right now I'm pooped and wanted everyone to know how this baby thing has turned out.

I had yet another bout of heavy bleeding last night that started while I was exercising. After about an hour of bleeding that was not stopping, I told M to take me to the hospital. While I was in the ER, they were preparing to take some blood for tests, and I passed out because I had lost so much blood and my BP dropped so low. M nearly lost his shit with worry at that one, but he was a trooper. Anyway, I'm okay, but they asked me after stabilizing me if I wanted to stay or go home, and I said I'd feel more comfortable staying the night, so they moved me to the OB ward. This morning, my doc came in and asked if a D&C was what I wanted to do to get this over with, so they fit me in. After I spent about an hour in recovery, I got moved up back to my room and was allowed to rest until I could pee and eat (yum! I hadn't been allowed to eat or drink in about 14 hours) and then they let me go.

Like I said, more later, 'cause I'm freaking sleepy.


* Stringham high: It was a night of firsts.
* Stringham wierd: The whole time I was sleeping in the hospital, I had classic country songs running through my head. I like them, but all I kept hearing were "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma," "One of a Kind (Pair of Fools)." Oh, and then there was also (not country) "Good night, Sweetheart, well, it's time to go..." while I was TRYING to fall asleep.
* Stringham super-high: Yay, Medicaid!

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