Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sad News: The M Word

I have miscarried. We were alerted by our ultrasound a little over a week ago that it was possible I had miscarried or that we were several weeks further behind in pregnancy than we had thought. But we miscarried. Had a couple of messy nights. We're taking it okay, with some ups and downs, as well as can be expected, probably better than some would expect.

I've had lots of support and consoling news from women who are friends and family who have experienced miscarriage, and I've taken comfort from that.

Anyway, I don't want to dwell here, because if I'm on too long, I'll start telling you about every emotional up and down we've been through, and I don't really think that's necessary.

We are--well, I am--eternally optimistic, so though we have fears (which are only natural, given the circumstances), we will keep moving on and trying again. Hey, at least now we know we CAN get pregnant. We didn't know that before early July.

* Stringham high: We're alive and healthy, the weather's beautiful, and we still love each other
* Stringham low: We've had to say goodbye to our baby for now.
* Stringham super-high: Got a new workout program for the Wii. M's loving it. (I haven't had a chance to try more than 10 minutes of it yet.)

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