Monday, August 31, 2009

Well, Holy Damn!

Well, the new medicine from the doctor cleared up my bleeding problems. And we got our bill for the first labs today. Boy, howdy, is this going to be fun. Still no word from Medicaid. We were supposed to know a WEEK ago.

M and I have been putting food away in preparation for being gone to my parents' for the better part of a week. We've spent the weekend and today harvesting from the garden and drying, canning, shredding, and freezing. So far in the past three days, we've put away:
A couple of pints of dried herbs
3 pints of zucchini
2 pints of summer squash
7.5 quarts of pickles (dill and freezer)
9 sunflower heads
3 pints of spicy tomato juice
4 pints of salsa verde
a 5-gallon bucket full of dill stalks
10 pounds of onions
3 pounds of potatoes
2 pints of green beans

This is in addition to the things we've already canned or cooked, which include:
5 pints of Southern-style pickles
8 pints of spaghetti sauce
4 pints of salsa
4 pints of hot salsa
6 pounds of green beans
countless zucchini and summer squash
5 pounds of potatoes
5 pounds of onions
20 ears of flour corn
30 ears of sweet corn

All in all, we've had a decent year from the garden (though we've learned how to make it better) and a very busy few days.

Our laundry-room leak has returned. Tonight, after laundry and canning are done, we are shutting the water off again, and tomorrow we go in search of a part that will NOT leak. Everything we've done so far should have fixed the problem, but we have problems with our lines maintaining steady pressure, so we think that may be part of the problem. The hot-water line in the laundry room is just fine and isn't leaking a bit, and it's M's hypothesis that the water heater helps a bit with the pressure equalization there, so tomorrow we go a-huntin' for something that might help...we may have to go to one of the stores up in Lafayette to find the part we're thinking of.

Oh, and things have been slowing down a little on the work front for me, so if you know anyone who needs some proofreading or editing done (for a modest time is valuable), send 'em my way! After all, we have a pregnancy to pay for (monetarily...I'll pay for it in other ways later). ;)

So all in all, kind of a frustrating past few days between the money and time for the extra prescriptions and tests ordered by the doc, the water leak, the exhaustion, and the slow work. But as M told his mom today, we don't have any problems a million dollars wouldn't fix. That helps keep things in perspective. We're healthy, we have no relationship problems, our house is 99.99% sound and problem-free, our time is ours to do with largely as we please, we don't have to sleep in a subway bathroom or on a subway train, and we have the love and support of our family and friends.

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