Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boring Ol' Updates...

Met with the CNM on Wednesday... Lisa. I’m going to like her. She really wants us to have 2 ultrasounds, and she pushes it, but she also understands that we have no extra money. So she suggested I call the case worker every day to see if I have passed for Medicaid coverage. And she believes that we will likely qualify for it..she’s had one patient who had two kids and paid for it all out of pocket because they didn’t think they’d qualify, but on the third, she urged them to apply, anyway, and they did qualify. So we’re holding off on ordering the US until we find out about Medicaid. If we get approved, she’s ordering it right away, and if we don’t get approved, she’ll order it at the hospital because the hospital is, apparently, good about helping with payments, and there is a fund in the county—a medical trust—that helps people with their bills from the hospital.

So we didn’t find out much today. She really is pushing for the first US because I don’t have regular periods and because we haven’t been able to conceive for 3 years, so she wants to make sure everything is okay and to confirm timing of the baby, for various reasons. We couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler machine, but she had told us that we might not hear it, because 12 weeks is usually about the earliest they can hear it, and sometimes not even then if the baby is turned.

When I mentioned some slight bleeding, I've been having over the past couple of days, she said she thinks it’s probably because of a mild infection I've got, but she can’t be sure without having more data, like the US and a heartbeat…so, yeah. *sigh.* And she warned me there might be some more because of the exam.

Now, I’m just praying for Medicaid to come through for us. (When I called the caseworker on Thursday, she said she had turned all the paperwork over to "a state worker" and expects to have an answer on Monday or Tuesday.)

By the way, a note on the weather—it’s like fall. Today’s high is something like 72 degrees. In the middle of August. It’s cloudy and cool, and the breeze coming through our screen door actually makes me want to shiver. It’s beautiful weather. And I hope this will be another nice year for Turtle Soup. It’s been unusually cool most of the summer, and it’s been fabulous. There were a few uncomfortable (normal summer) days, but they have been few and far between. I’m hoping one of those few and far between ones won’t pop up for Turtle Soup. Of course, I hope it’s not quite THIS cool for Soup, either, because it might keep people away just as effectively as the extreme heat sometimes does.

And that stupid pipe that was leaking a few weeks ago is still leaking. It’s a minor leak, but it’s still bad enough that it’s making the wood that the pipe is mounted to wet and moldy. We just don’t understand why it keeps leaking. It’s not the threads on the pieces that are leaking but the join between PVC and CPVC. That’s where the past two or three leaks have been in our fixes. We really don’t understand. None of the other stuff we’ve fixed in the house with PVC and CPVC and glue have leaked, but this one just seems determined to keep leaking and eventually cause rotting after the mold issues its already started. At least the leak’s small, but that’s the amazing power of water—it wears things down slowly, gradually, when you’re not paying attention. Maybe our little leak will start another Grand Canyon, right here in our basement. A few thousand years from now, you never know what this place might look like…. :)

* Stringham high: The midwife is cool.
* Stringham low: Stupid water leak *grumble*
* Stringham super-high: 72-degree high in August!

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