Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everything's Gone Green (Again)

Aside from last week's rain possibly drowning out our newly planted corn, that rain and the heat of the past couple days have been great for everything else we're growing (intentionally or not--we've had a bunch of potato plants pop up in the corn this year...guess we didn't get them all dug up last fall). Here are some pictures.

This is the rose bush that was moderately small when we moved in and grew mostly UP last year, past the eaves and producing just a few blooms. We snipped it, getting tired of walking into thorns, and this is the result...

This is one of the four rows of potatoes--our early producers. Already, this row has more plants (and healthier) than we had all together last year. (If you look closely along the very right edge of the picture, you might also see some of the bush beans coming up).
I'm not going to post pictures of the things like greens and root crops that have just barely sprouted; the sugar maples, which have had to struggle mightily against nibbling deer; or the "flowering trees" Mike planted this winter that arrived from the Arbor Day Foundation as nothing but sticks in December, ready for planting (those trees are still barely more than sticks, and most probably won't make it). I have, however, posted a picture (left) of the orchard and berry patch. The long shot is the only way to get everything in the shot, and I left out quite a bit of strawberries patch and the dwarf pear tree to get the rest of the berries and trees in. (The tall grass in the background is just stuff we aren't mowing yet...it'll eventually get taken over by trees--probably nuts and some more fruits--and more berries if we have our way.)

Nothing is REALLY big yet, but the trees are clearly visible against the grass this year, whereas last year they were mostly just sticks with some green. This dwarf 5-in-1 pear tree is a real overachiever. Everything in the second shot is new growth this spring.

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