Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the Garden of Eden

To quote M, “RacOONs!”

They ate quite a bit of our ripe sweet corn. Last night, apparently, during or after the rain. So much for squash leaves keeping them away…

And cabbage worms overnight have decimated our broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower plants.


These critters have to cross several acres –and maybe even the busy highway--to get to our garden. Looks like our plan for next year is to build a fence instead of raised beds…
Of course, M likes the idea of an electric fence. Call me crazy, but I’m not real keen on the idea of an electric fence taking up the backyard, where I’ll always have to mow along and where we always have to go to dump our compost…and, you know, with planning a family, and all…an electric fence as soon as you step out the back door. Yeah, gotta go with my wife veto power on this one.

* Stringham high: tomato plants so productive that their falling from the weight of the tomatoes
* Stringham low: cabbage worms and slugs
* Stringham super-high: March 2010

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