Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hydroponics Worked for Me

A few hours ago, M wandered into the basement and found a big spot on the floor very wet. No, not the sump pump failing, not the basement walls leaking. The ceiling up there was wet, too. A large section was wet--beams were soaked, and probably a 30-square-foot area of ceiling was soaked. The only thing we could find leaking was the threading on one of the fixtures that feeds our washing machine. That's it. Just a steady little drip where the sealant on the thread of a fixture had a hole in it.

M didn't think that little drip could account for so much water in the basement, but we wrapped a washcloth around the pipe, and after 5 minutes, the cloth was soaked. So in just a few days of us not looking into the basement, the steady little drip, drip, drip of the water had run down the hose from the fitting and through the floor into the basement.

*sigh* Seems to me we shouldn't have a leak in something that was just installed last summer. But what do I know, right?

Anyway, a quick trip to our local hardware store, and we THINK we may have the little hole plugged. But who knows? Maybe it'll turn into one of those cartoooney things where you plug one whole with a finger and a new one forms, so you plug that one with another finger, and then one starts in front of your face, so you plug that one with your tongue, and then everything explodes...

Nope, turns out the fix didn't explosions, no new leaks, just the same old leak... *sigh*, wait, I just received an update--it didn't work because M missed a spot in his patching. So the water's turned off again.

Come to think of it, if it weren't for the damage to the floor/ceiling, we could use this as a basis for a hydroponic lab ;)

I think I'll go take a nap. It's exhausting, being supportive. :D

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