Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crikey! Let's Go on a Backyard Safari!

We've had a few encounters with native fauna this week. As we were weeding near the house last weekend, M uncovered a black snake that was about 10-12 inches long. It scurried away from us quickly...right into the crawlspace under our bedroom. Oy vey.

A couple of nights ago, M saw two deer in the beanfield behind our house. I scrambled over to take a picture or two. They certainly weren't afraid, that's for sure. They were about a hundred yards away, and they never got spooked by me walking out the back door and standing there, taking picture after picture of them for 15 minutes or so. (For those who are curious, god picture exists. It was sunset light, and the camera either gave me a nearly black photo or a picture of brown blurry masses--think Bigfoot with antlers.)

Last night, I heard some more scrabbling in our kitchen drop ceiling. Yes, we have a few mouse friends up there. Actually, judging by the very high-pitched squeaks I've been hearing this week up there, I think one or two have set up house and started a little family. I tell you, EVERYONE is having babies... Heh.

Today, on his daily rounds through the garden and the "orchard" and the sunflower patch, M has been waging a crusade against Japanese beetles. We'll see if he has any luck.

And on his walk through the sunflower patch, M was startled at the sight of a very large black snake. Oops. He came running into the house to ask me about the venomous snakes we have around here. I had to assure him that though it was large and startled him, it was no threat. Alas, no picture. I'm not sure whether the snake had the chance to "run away" before M hightailed it in the opposite direction. And no, I absolutely cannot blame him. I know they're good at keeping the rodent population under control. I know they're not harmful to humans. But that still doesn't mean I want to see it or be anywhere near it. Perhaps its the instinctive distrust of snakes in our own little Eden? ;)

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