Monday, December 21, 2009

Just in Time for the Holidays

Dad called just as I was falling asleep last night to say he had taken Mom to the hospital. (Some of you will recall she had to have surgery last year because part of her small intestine had died and they had to remove it.) Last night, Mom noticed the same kind of pain she had been having that last time, so she had Dad take her in. The doctors don't know much yet, but they've done a CT scan or an MRI (depends on which parent you ask) and found some adhesions and are pumping her full of fluids via an IV, thinking maybe they caught it early enough that they can get the obstruction cleared on its own without having to do surgery. But they’re watching her and waiting to find out. And waiting for the surgeons to take a look and figure out what they want to do. Yes, it's a wonderful end to the year. And they were out having dinner with friends to celebrate my dad's birthday when she asked to be taken to the hospital, so that was an added bonus. *sigh*

While I was speaking to Mom this afternoon (she’s feeling much better than last night—no pain, but she hasn’t been allowed to eat or drink anything, so nothing could get in there to cause her pain) on the phone, Mike came in to tell me he has an interview after we come back from the holidays! Woohoo! He hasn’t had a phone interview since March of 2009, and this will be the first in-person interview he’s had since August of 2008 (not counting the one where an insurance guy was trying to get him to open his own little agency representation).

The interview is for a production manager position with a company in Plainsfield, not far from the Indianapolis airport. The company has about 40 employees, so they really like having people with a broad range of experience, and the guy Mike spoke with would be his direct supervisor if he gets hired on. The gentleman seemed to really like the fact that Mike had polymer (plastics to you English speakers) experience and a chemical engineering background. He also liked that Mike has some limited experience with manufacturing. The company is pretty new, only 11 months old, but we figure that’s okay. A job is still a job; if the company goes under in a year, that’s another year Mike can draw unemployment afterward if necessary, and if the company DOESN’T go under, Mike gets to be in at the ground level, so to speak.

Well, 2009 sure is doing a number on this family emotionally, let me tell ya! But right now, we’re okay with it as it stands.

Here's to a better 2010 (and getting this year over as quickly, quietly, and painlessly as possibly)!

* Stringham high: Mike's phone interview.
* Stringham low: Mom's hospitalization...but we're praying for her.
* Stringham super-high: Mike's scheduled LIVE interview!!!!

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