Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's What She Said

* Stringham high: We got our stuff (well, the weapons) back from the sheriff's department today!
* Stringham low: M surfed for so much porn and downloaded so many TV episodes from the Internet these past couple of weeks that he's been unemployed that he drove us over our ISP's fair-usage limit. [It didn't give us a warning like it was supposed to when we got NEAR going over.] It'll be about a month before we have normal service again. (Hilarious side of this is that when we logged in to our account, it said "Last 30 Rolling Days (You are over your FAP threshold)" I laughed and told M he's definitely done surfing for porn. [If you don't get this, you can ask, and I'll explain. Or maybe it's explained on]
* Stringham super-high: Our new modem may be good, but we'll have to make sure M doesn't exceed his FAP limit again.

OH, and while we were spending time together this evening (testing the limits of our new Internet service and how much we REALLY have to download to exceed our allowed downloads), we came across this article:;_ylt=AvBjqwU4MAIs9RkHupwvJBWNb6U5

And we would like to say "Amen to that!"

That is all.

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