Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crazy Survivalists, Hippies, or Just Another Day?

We went grocery shopping today. I use the term "grocery" loosely, as we got few of those. But we must have looked interesting pushing our shopping cart through the store in the middle of January. We had 2 7.5-gallon water bins; a "weather" (waterproof) flashlight that operates on AA, AAA, or C batteries; a high-powered lantern; rechargeable D batteries; half-pint canning jars (on clearance); canning spices (also on clearance); lime (for the bodies or something innocent?); antifreeze; a Mr. Potato Head; a funnel; an ovulation test; cucumbers; bell peppers; and a few other groceries; wool socks. (I suppose none of these things seem all that strange if you know the weather we've had recently. I mean, M's antifreeze actually FROZE in his car the other day.) The only thing that would have made it better would have been if we had actually got the high-powered binoculars, saw, bowie knife, and shotgun shells that we also looked at. 'Course, because we're in a relatively rural area, maybe no one would have bat an eyelash.

And now, looking at that list, it doesn't seem so strange.

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