Thursday, April 10, 2014

Special Requests?

Dear readers, I have decided to try to consistently post to this blog. I'm striking out in a new vein as I mentioned yesterday. I've got a couple of posts already planned, including one about sweeteners added to some strange things (no spoilers here!), and (eventually) reviewing some of my successful freezer-meal creations. But I would really like to know if you have any special requests.

I'm thinking specifically of food- or homesteading-related topics, even gardening topics. Basically, I'm happy to do some of the research or to share with you what Mike and I already know about any topic that you've been wondering about but just haven't had the time or the inclination to research yourself. I may not be able to accommodate all requests, and some might take a while, but I'm up for a challenge!

So, if you have requests, please comment below, email me, or let me know on Facebook.

Happy plotting!

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  1. Do I need to prune my hydrangeas? (Not sure of the variety--oak leaf for sure, and MAYBE a second variety....)