Thursday, June 25, 2009

While My Sunflower Gently Weeps

Our field neighbors are reckless drivers…or at least one of them is. M watched a couple of days ago through the kitchen window as a sprayer went by, driving like a bat out of hell, with the sprayer hanging over our property line. I then watched through one of our living room windows while the driver swerved and sped through the field on the west side of the house. We hoped they were spraying fertilizer, or even a pesticide, but we discovered today that it was herbicide.

The last time they sprayed, several of our newly transplanted evergreen trees nearly bit it. As a result, I’m now leaving weeds up between the evergreens and our property line to act as a bit of a barrier for the young trees. But this time, because the sprayer was hanging over onto our property line, a whole swath of sunflowers and cosmos that M had planted and that were thriving, are now yellow and dying. (This after they bad driver had crossed our property line and driven THROUGH the patch that M had just planted with those sunflower and cosmo seeds.)

I suppose it was silly of me to assume that neighbors would be as considerate of our property as we are trying to be of theirs. Yes, we felled a tree into their field, but before the beans had even sprouted, and we cleaned up our mess immediately afterward. *sigh* Now we are going to have to track down the people who own the farm and ask them to be more careful and considerate of our property, as we are trying to grow things that are just as important—if not more important—to us as their corn and beans are to them.

Ah, will the “excitement” never end?

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