Saturday, April 4, 2009

WTG? (Who's the Golfer?)

Wonderful weather. 60 degrees, sunny, breeze 10-11 mph.

12 hours of planting and cultivating today. Planted 8 more arborvitae along the western edge of the property for a windbreak. Then I mowed for 4 more strawberry rows and tilled 3 of them while M dug holes for our fruit bushes.

We then planted 2 sugar maples, a dwarf apple tree, a dwarf pear tree, a Bartlett pear tree, 5 blackberry bushes, 9 raspberry bushes, and 6 blueberry bushes. That was done around 6 PM.

Then M started the third tilling pass through the three strawberry rows I had started, while I filled in peat moss and hoed and raked behind him. 3 hours (including 20 or 30 minutes for dinner) later, 2 of the rows were tilled, fertilized, raked, hoed, and covered with weed-blocking cloth, and the 3rd row was tilled. I was ready to collapse. Mostly, my arms and legs were shaking uncontrollably. I used my legs to fight the tiller and do most of my shoveling. And I've never had much arm strength, and all the tilling, shoveling, hoeing, lifting, and raking across the 10 1/2 hours of work we did just turned my arms to Jell-o. I honestly don't know how I'm able to type right now. But I do know that my thumbs really, reallyreallyhaveareallyreallyhardtimepressingthespacebar.Oh,mypoorpoorthumbs.

Other than being Jell-o, I'm not sore (yet), and M's not either, though he's going to have quite a bit of pain when his tries to move his lobster-red neck tomorrow.

Incredibly disappointed that we didn't get more done, but our yard looks completely different now. It doesn't look or sound like we did much, but I think the grubs and worms in our soil would beg to differ (if they could speak, of course).

* Stringham high: 13 trees and 20 bushes planted today!
* Stringham low: Strawberry rows not done, and not one of the 100 strawberry plants got put in dirt today. :(
* Stringham super-high: We keep digging more glass and crap out of the ground. (This is good because it means there's a little less junk in our soil every day.) Click the title of this post to see what we dug up while making the hole for our very last blueberry bush.

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