Sunday, July 13, 2008

13 July 2008 Update

Flooded basement. Draining it out through a window with a hose taped into a pvc pipe attached to the sump pump. Standing in the fucking cold water and holding crap up. Fucking headache, fucking poor, fucking troubles that require money. It's been more money than we have in the past two months--robbery, storm damage, flooded basement.

The robbery was about a month ago, a week after we suffered storm damage. New fucking insurance auditor still hasn't contacted us about looking at the storm damage so we can get it fixed. Stuff taken was enough, but not a lot... My jewelry box (mostly sentimental jewelry and costume jewelry), a small chest of some stuff, mike's swords and bows. Sheriff found some of the stuff, but it's been 3 weeks since they told us that, and we haven't heard more since.

Tired. Tired of every fucking thing. I'm broken.
Won't get better if M and I don't get full time jobs instead of contract jobs. Don't have money for this shit. We're so busy bailing out the water that we can't fix the ship. The problem had started before. Whoever put in the sump pump has it draining into our septic tank. And then the guy who converted our laundry room had the drainage from the washing machine tied in to the same line. And then that feeds into the main line from the kitchen and bathroom that goes to the septic system. There's a valve in there that's supposed to keep the sump pump water from feeding into our drainage pipe from the laundry room, but that was being overridden, and we came home last Sunday to find our laundry room flooded.

It's too much. Seriously, I'm defeated. WE are actually CARING FOR and MAINTAINING the house, and all this happens.

Every other day, I have a mini breakdown. And the days that I don't, M does. It's at least nice that we can swap. Well, really, it's not, but I'm exhausted, I have a migraine, and I'm freaking out. I'll be like this for about an hour, then I'll be either clearheaded or will have absolutely nothing in my mind moving.

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